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Read everything about modern garage doors and opener systems and learn why you should change springs, too

What's the usual speed of garage doors?

Garage doors usually move with 7 to 12 inch/sec. The speed of the door is determined by the horsepower of the garage door motors. You just want to make sure that the door opens with the maximum speed possible but it closes down at a slower pace. This is important for your safety.

Why controlling the opener from a distance is considered useful?

It unties your hands and gives you full time control over the garage door. Imagine that some relatives have arrived from out of town but you're still out. You can use your smartphone to open the garage door for them despite the distance. You can also close the door and turn on the lights.

What is the best garage door type for optimizing space?

Roll-up and sectional garage doors are excellent options if you don’t have the luxury of space in front of your garage door. These garage doors roll or fold into space-saving parts when opening or closing. Just remember that for roll-up doors, there should be a good amount of space between the garage door frame and the ceiling.

How long do garage door tension springs last?

Tension springs typically last for around 7 years or an average of 15,000 cycles. Each cycle means one opening and one closing movement or the full opening and closing cycle involved when using a door. With proper garage door maintenance, the life span of springs can be extended for a couple more years.

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