The best Liftmaster and Genie garage door opener service

These tips will assist you to decide the type of garage door you want for your home and more

Make sure your opener complies with safety regulations

All garage door openers must comply with the official regulations of UL 325. Underwriters Laboratories check that the electric openers have the necessary entrapment devices but don't certify the products. They just list them as approved goods and openers must have a related label. Openers without these labels must be returned or not chosen.

Lubricate the parts properly

Lubrication maintenance is extremely important for the good movement of the door and the long-lasting of the moving garage door parts but don't overdo it. Our specialists in North Arlington explain that in most cases parts must be lubricated twice a year and usually a couple of drops suffice. You just need to ensure parts are lubricated well.

Test the reversing mechanism once a month

This mechanism allows the door to reverse when it comes across an obstruction while it closes. You have to make sure that your door comes with this reversing feature. If the door does not reverse, you should let our garage door experts in North Arlington diagnose and repair your door.

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