Case Story - My Faulty Tracks

Case Story - My Faulty Tracks

Tracks that run on either side of a garage door are an integral part of the whole unit, which help it in working smoothly.

I bought my garage door about a year ago and was very happy with its performance. Apart from minor maintenance works a couple of times I hadn’t had to do much. However, one day I noticed that the door wasn’t closing properly. Believing that the issue was with the spring, I checked it out but found nothing wrong with it. Since it was getting late, I decided to look into the matter in the morning. The next day when I was about to leave for my office, I saw that the door was sitting at a strange angle and looked quite crooked. Realizing that it might be a bigger issue, I instantly called Garage Door Repair North Arlington to come and have a look at what the problem was.

The technicians of the repair service were at my door step within half an hour

I was both surprised and delighted to see them reach my location so quickly. They set about inspecting my door and quickly identified that the problem because of which it was in such a state was because its wheels had come off the tracks, which were running alongside the frame of the door. On asking why this had happened, the technicians explained to me that the tracks had worn out due to consistent use and had become quite bumpy which resulted in the door going off track.

With the source of the problem identified, the technicians began discussing the best solution for the resolving the issue. They told me that it was necessary for them to repair the damaged door tracks first so that the wheels are able to run properly on them. The realignment of the door on the tracks was to be the second phase of their repair work. They began their work and in a matter of half an hour were able to get the tracks sorted out. I was extremely happy with the level of professionalism they showed and how quickly they got the repairs done.

The door adjustment was completed in a quick time too and I was able to leave for my office with the peace of mind that my door was working properly again and there was no way for anyone to get through it.

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